so almost a month ago i wrote about my experience with creating a fork of tachiyomi for anime. i made a lot of progress and the app is fully functional now. but with a lot of bugs and unimplemented features
it has been an awesome learning experience, even though a lot of the work required was just copying classes and changing some strings in them (to replicate tachiyomi’s functionality for a different kind of medium), which was extremely tedious and annoying.
i learned a lot about kotlin and android and all in all it’s actually quite fun! (i even get to watch anime on my phone, for testing purposes of course)
i gave my fork the name “Tachiyomi-MI” (tachi yomi = standing reading; mi = watching). yeah it’s not really a good name but it kinda(?) makes sense? idk
another thing: i was very thankful that one other person i know on discord helped out a lot with providing input and pointing out bugs etc.
it really made the process more enjoyable, knowing that another person is interested and benefits from the work i put into this.
if you, the reader are interested as well, follow the links below :D
the stuff i’m talking about is at (download from